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Seat Availability

A seat availability report is produced at the end of each phase of registration for both Booth and non-Booth students. Since enrollment activity occurs during and following the production of the report, the list should only be used to rule out courses that are closed, or have very few seats left. Seat availability information in the Time Schedules is also not necessarily accurate for the same reason.

Updates to the report for the spring 2015 quarter will be made on the following dates:

  • April 3 - Posted

Cancelled Courses ***Updated 03/25/15***
35151-01 - Quantitative Investment
36106-82 - Managerial Decision Modeling
37701-01 - New Product Lab

Updated Restrictions ***Updated 03/30/15***
35200-03, 35200-04, and 35200-82 are now open to non-Booth students
30000-82 is now open to undergraduate students

Closed Courses
If a course is closed (CLO), students may not register for it unless a seat becomes available at the time their registration is processed.

Financial Accounting 30000 Enrollment Restrictions
30000-81 - No undergraduate students
30000-85 - No undergraduate students

Registration Notes

• Faculty members may not authorize seats to be added to a closed course.

• Faculty members adding a student to their Chalk list does not constitute registration into the course.

• Students are encouraged to attend week 1 of the class in which they are attempting to enroll.

• If the course in which you are attempting to enroll is case-based, please communicate to the faculty member during week 1 that you will attempt to enroll during the registration period for non-Booth students (week 2). This is especially important for courses that require group assignments.

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