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Book Fee, New Effective Autumn 2013
In the past, students who enrolled in Booth courses purchased custom course packs at Barnes and Noble. Effective Autumn 2013, cases, articles, and simulations will be delivered electronically through Chalk, faculty course webpages or hard-copy in class.  Students enrolled in a Booth course will incur a $25 per course fee, assessed via their tuition bill. Students may be required to purchase a text book in addition to this expense, as this fee replaces only the custom course pack. 

Booth Student Policies and Honor Code
In registering for a Chicago Booth course, non-Booth students are subject to Booth academic policies, including the Standards of Scholarship and Professionalism and the Student Honor Code: Booth Student Handbook.

Strict Prerequisites and/or Consent Needed
Many Booth courses have prerequisites, and some are strictly enforced; these are noted as “strict” in the course descriptions in the Course Search (also see Strict Prereqs and Permissions List). If you wish to register for a course with a strict prerequisite and you have not taken the prerequisite(s) at Booth, then email the faculty member to request a waiver of the prerequisite(s) and permission to register. In other instances, some faculty members require consent for a non-Booth student to register (see Course Search). In these cases, email the faculty member to request permission to register. Students must email prereq waivers and instructor permission to Linnea Battles prior to the beginning of the registration period, or attach the email to your registration request via the poll. Students should also take note of courses restricted to Booth students only.

Graduates/Provisional Grades
During week 8, Booth faculty members are asked for provisional grades for all graduating students in all classes, except Financial Accounting 30000, which is not eligible for provisional grades. Most faculty detail provisional course requirements in their syllabi; it is your responsibility to read and follow these requirements. Students are not notified of the receipt of provisional grades, nor are they posted to students’ transcripts; the provisional grades are maintained internally in the Booth Registrar's Office. Students are notified if they fail to receive a provisional grade.

Drops and Withdrawals
Drops and withdrawals must be processed by both Linnea Battles and by a student’s division.  Students should check with their department for tuition repercussions.

The last day for a student to drop a course is Friday, week 3 of the Booth quarter. Beginning Monday, week 4 a drop is a withdrawal and a ‘W’ grade will post on the transcript. To drop a Booth course, email Linnea Battles with your UCID an the course number to dropped. Petitions for a withdrawal to be considered a late drop are conducted through the student’s department/division. If approved, Linnea Battles must be notified.

Beginning Monday, week 8, an email from faculty approving the withdrawal is required. The last day to withdraw from a course is Friday, week 10.  Non-attendance does not constitute dropping or withdrawing.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in a failing grade (‘F’).To withdraw from a Booth course, forward the email from faculty to Linnea Battles, along with your UCID and the course number.

Official Audit (grade of R)
In addition to registering for the course, students must receive written consent (email) from the instructor and email it to Linnea Battles by Friday, week 2 to audit a Booth course. Some Booth faculty members do not allow auditing. Reference the No Pass/Fail, No Audit list for restricted courses; no exceptions are granted. An audit cannot be changed to a letter grade.

Pass/Fail Grading
Some Booth faculty members do not allow Pass/Fail grading. Reference the No Pass/Fail, No Audit list for restrictions; no exceptions are granted. To request Pass/Fail grading, students must complete a Pass/Fail form by Friday, week 4.  After this deadline, no changes to the Pass/Fail grading request may be made.

Incomplete Grades
Requests for Incompletes must be approved by the instructor, and an Incomplete form must be emailed to Linnea Battles by Friday, week 10.

Individual Study (Bus 31301)
Booth Assistant, Associate, Clinical or Full Professors are eligible to sponsor an Independent Study. The deadline to submit the Individual Study form is Friday, week 2.

Contact Linnea Battles by for exams and/or papers, which were not returned in your classes.


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