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Taking Courses at Booth

All current University of Chicago students are eligible to enroll in courses offered by The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Booth) within the guidelines set forth by Booth and the student's department/division.

If you are not a current University of Chicago student, enrollment is still possible through the Graham School of General Studies.

Before You Register:

In addition to learning Booth-specific procedures, consult with your department's registration contact to determine:

  • Your department/division requirements for taking a Booth course.
  • The ramifications/implications of taking a Booth course on your degree requirements.
  • The possible costs involved. Note: Tuition charges will be made to your school and based on its tuition policy. 

Book Fee, New Effective Autumn 2013
In the past, students who enrolled in Booth courses purchased custom course packs at Barnes and Noble. Effective Autumn 2013, cases, articles, and simulations will be delivered electronically through Chalk, faculty course webpages or hard-copy in class.  Students enrolled in a Booth course will incur a $25 per course fee, assessed via their tuition bill. Students may be required to purchase a text book in addition to this expense, as this fee replaces only the custom course pack. 

Registration Information:

  • To learn about Booth registration requirements and procedures, please select your department/division on the left.
  • To view online registration instructions and submit registration requests, visit the Online Registration page
  • To view Booth course descriptions and faculty information, visit the Course Search/Faculty Directory page
  • To view available seats and closed courses, visit the Seat Availability page
  • To view registrations dates and important deadlines, visit the Academic Calendar page

All non-Booth students are responsible for knowledge of the information on this web site. Lack of such knowledge will not provide a basis for exceptions to the policies and procedures of Chicago Booth. Non-Booth students are subject to the regulations, policies, and procedures required for all Booth students, including but not limited to academic integrity and registration policies.

Booth Registration Contact:
Linnea Battles
Associate Registrar


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