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Registration Procedures for Law School Students

To register for a Booth course, you must follow the process based on the Law School's procedures in addition to the following Booth procedures:

Registration Procedures:

Step One

Registration for Booth courses begins week 2 of the quarter, but students are encouraged to attend week 1 of the class(es) in which they are attempting to enroll, though attendance does not guarantee registration.

Review the Pre-Registration Information and Post-Registration Policies and Deadlines for complete guidelines on taking Booth courses. Students are responsible for meeting all deadlines and following the procedures related to course registration, and dropping/withdrawing.

Step Two

Review course schedules and descriptions via the Course Search tool. Note any strict prerequisites, Pass/Fail grading restrictions, or Auditing restrictions for the course(s). If there are "strict" prerequisites and you feel you have the background necessary to fulfill the prereq but you have not taken the prereq courses at Booth, you'll need to email the faculty and request a prereq waiver and email the waiver to Linnea Battles prior to registration. Please review the "strict" prereq policy for additional information.

Step Three

Review the Seat Availability report for closed course sections. If a course is closed, students may not register for it unless a seat becomes available at the time their registration is processed.

Step Four

Complete the petition for Booth classes available from by Friday, April 3 at 5pm.

Registration Notes

  • Some sections of Financial Accounting 30000 have enrollment limits for non-Booth students. Please review the Seat Availability page for details.
  • Provisional grades are not given for Financial Accounting 30000
  • If you decide not to take the Booth course for which you registered, notify Linnea Battles and the Law School Assistant Registrar, Jim Courtney - no later than the end of the third week of classes. 
  • If the Law School accepts provisional grades for graduation, then it is permissible to take a Booth class in the graduating quarter. Students should contact the Law School Registrar if they are unsure if provisional grades for Booth classes are acceptable for graduation.

Law School registration contact:
James Courtney

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